Public funding in three modules

Use our proven modules to efficiently win public funding for your research and development projects.

  • Whiterock Funding Navigator: Find suitable funding programs – overview of the funding landscape at national and EU level

  • Whiterock Funding Strategy: Fit for funding – development of your specific funding strategy

  • Whiterock Funding Projects S/M/L: Win grants and public funding – end-to-end support for the preparation of successful application documents.

Do you want to get an overview first with the Whiterock Funding Navigator? Or let us win grants and public funding right away with a Whiterock Funding Project module? Let’s talk about your plans. Please feel free to book a non-binding initial consultation.

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Whiterock Fördermittel Navigator

Whiterock Funding Navigator

Find suitable funding programs – The Whiterock Funding-Navigator provides an overview of current funding programs at national and EU level. You will receive detailed information about the most important funding projects with non-repayable grants from one hundred thousand to several million euros per individual project.

  • Comparative overview of the 18 most important German and EU funding programmes and funding bodies

  • Detailed descriptions of the most important funding programs with links to the program websites and the most important German funding database, details on “Forschungszulage” and comparison to grants

  • Cockpit with a view of the national and EU-wide funding landscape and the selection of suitable funding programs

You can compare the most important programs with each other and you get links to the program websites and much more background information. All major programmes such as ZIM, EIC-Accelerator, hydrogen, decarbonisation, energy efficiency. Feel free to do your own research using the Whiterock Funding Navigator (in German).

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Whiterock Module Funding Strategy

The Whiterock Module Funding Strategy provides a specific strategy tailored to your company as to how you can benefit from funding in the best possible way. We analyze and optimize all success factors so that you can optimally position yourself for funding projects. We analyse and optimise the relevant success factors so that you can position yourself optimally for funding projects.

  • Analyze success factors
  • Optimize presentation
  • Build innovation strategy

In this way, we greatly increase the chances of success of your first funding project.

WHITEROCK Module Funding Strategy
WHITEROCK Module Funding Project

Whiterock Module Funding Project S/M/L

Winning funding projects: The Whiterock Modules Funding Project S/M/L are used to win funding and grants. The modules include turnkey support for applying for a funding project and for receiving non-repayable grants. We can thus provide you with turnkey support for applying for and receiving non-repayable grants.

  • Funding program – Identify a suitable funding program

  • Application documents – Define the project and present it convincingly

  • Success – All of our work is focused on winning grants and public funding in a competitive environment

The modules are structured according to the amount of funding to be applied for: Whiterock Module Funding Project S for grants up to 300,000 euros, Whiterock Module Funding Project M for grants from 300,000 euros to 1 million euros, and Whiterock Module Funding Project L for grants over 1 million euros.

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