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Kickstart Innovation

We support the financing, development and marketing of innovations

Focus on innovation

Whiterock has been successful in winning public funding for R&D projects or infrastructure. Win a reliable partner who will acquire funding for you and initiate and support R&D networks. And who tames the administrative effort and pays attention to a successful result:

  • Funding for your projects: Public funding for your R&D and your investments in production facilities

  • Innovation management: Success-oriented management of R&D alliances and networks

  • Innovation marketing: market analyses and marketing concepts that work.

Talk to us if you want to successfully and efficiently co-finance innovations or production facilities in an industrial environment with public funding. Book a non-binding initial consultation right now.

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Funding for your projects

We are successful in winning funding projects – even in highly competitive programmes.

Production and infrastructure

We support the funding of innovative production facilities or research infrastructures.

Innovation Management

We initiate and manage research projects and networks, tame the administrative burden and focus on project success.

Innovation Marketing

We analyze prototypes, develop strategies for scale-up and create go-to-market concepts that work.

Focus on networks

The increasing complexity of R&D work makes networks and collaborative research attractive. Powerful consortia of companies and research institutes can efficiently develop complex innovations, scale them up and successfully launch them on the market.

Carbon-negative resources from atmospheric CO2

HYDROGENATE is a moonshot project to convert atmospheric CO2 in the gigatons range into a carbon-negative bulk commodity: Carbon Air. Nature converts CO2 into biomass, which over time turns into waste. The HYDROGENATE technology first converts the organic components of the waste into methane of high purity. Methane is then transformed into solid carbon by means of methane pyrolysis: Carbon Air.


Focus Industry and Life Sciences

The Whiterock team focuses on innovation in materials, products, manufacturing, automation, energy and life sciences.

“The wealth of innovations in all technical and biological areas fascinates me. And it makes me confident that we can master current challenges such as climate change. We want to make a contribution to this with enthusiasm and in cooperation with our customers.”

Dr. Manfred Baumgärtner, CEO Whiterock AG

The Whiterock team has supported and managed over 150 national and international technology projects. Whiterock works together with leading companies and research institutions. Our projects have been awarded by several institutions e.g. as “European Innovation Leader” or “Lighthouse Project of the German Federal Government”.

The technological fields of our work are materials, energy, the automation of industrial production and new technologies in the field of life sciences. Current focal points are the decarbonisation of products and production, the circular economy, bioeconomy or the hydrogen economy.

Kickstart Innovation

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